The NOLA Metro Grand Reference Gold 3 has been upgraded to Series 3 version for even greater performance. A major breakthrough in new crossovers has led to a stunning upgrade in performance.

The NOLA Metro Grand Reference Gold is a compact floor standing loudspeaker that provides state of the art sound quality in small to medium rooms, using only one square foot of floor space. Technology developed for the Grand Reference VII and the Concert Grand Reference have been “trickled down” to provide performance that is the cutting edge for what can be achieved in this size platform.

The advent of cutting-edge components and techniques has allowed for an even greater approach to the sound of "live music." While many of these techniques remain proprietary, we can share some of the new features that have been incorporated into series 3.

The twin 160mm magnesium cone bass drivers, with massive Alnico magnets, have been further updated. Electrical and magnetic distortion have been further reduced from the already very low distortion of the original Gold model. In addition, electrical "drag" has been greatly reduced, allowing the new woofers to respond to the lowest levels yet. This improvement in bass low-level resolution and dynamics improves "life-like fidelity" over the whole range of the loudspeaker. Transients literally "explode" from a quiet black background, as in live music.

The true ribbon tweeter has been further upgraded with components built in-house. The crossovers have been upgraded with the latest components, not available for the original version. Additional Nordost silver wire is utilized.

The Metro Grand Reference Gold 3 utilizes a double platform ball bearing isolation base to further reduce the coloration of floor-borne vibrations for a more dynamic sound.

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Dimensions: 45"H x 11½"W x 13½"D (overall including bases)
Weight: 95 lbs. net per side
Frequency Range: 25 Hz to 100 kHz
Sensitivity: 87 dB
Impedance: 8 ohm nominal / 4 ohm minimum
Finish: Real Santos Rosewood Gloss with Black Gloss bases is standard. Black Gloss and other finishes available by special order.
Includes maximum performance ball bearing isolation platforms.
Specifications subject to change without notice.


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