Blue Thunder speaker cable is manufactured by Accent Speaker Technology to meet the demanding requirements of Nola loudspeakers. These cables are specially constructed to complement Nola's neutral sound, and are offered in either bi-wire or tri-wire sets.

To avoid sonic degradation due to dielectric losses, Blue Thunder employs an extremely thin layer of plastic insulation over the conductors. While thick cables with heavy plastic insulation may seem appealing, they do not provide the best sonic performance.

The low frequency and high frequency positive cables are loosely bundled in a monofilament covering, and the low frequency and high frequency negative cables are bundled in another monofilament covering. In this way, parasitic impedance between the positive and negative conductors is avoided, and the sonic coloration it causes is also avoided. The cable coverings are specially selected to avoid vibration, electric or magnetic interaction with the conductors.

The construction of the low range and the high range conductors is optimized for the frequencies each carries. The low frequency construction is coaxial, employing a solid core silver-plated oxygen-free copper center conductor. The high frequency construction is uniaxial and employs fine gauge silver-plated oxygen-free copper conductors in conjunction with fine gauge oxygen-free copper conductors.

Blue Thunder speaker cables are pre-terminated in heavy-duty gold-plated spade lugs for ease of application. They are also available terminated in banana plugs. Effective gauge is 13 a.w.g. Jacket color is Royal Blue.

Blue Thunder cable is available in lengths from 6 feet. Price is proportional to the 10-foot length.


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