In response to increasing requests for a modern day Alon I open baffle speaker, NOLA has created the CHAMP S3, which fits in the Boxer Collection between Contender S3 and KO S3.

The CHAMP S3 utilizes five drivers in an open baffle array.

There are two bass drivers, each one in a separate tuned chamber for bass extension combined with detail, using low mass (13 gram moving mass) bass drivers.

Twin low mass side-by-side midrange drivers operating in dipole mode provide natural openness and space along with fast transients and superior low-level resolution.

High frequencies are reproduced by our finest silk dome tweeter mounted on the same open baffle. High frequencies are reproduced with smoothness and fatigue free reproduction in addition to the open airy "alive sound" Nola is known for.

Two-board hand-wired point-to-point crossover boards utilizing Mundorf Oil Caps implement the crossovers.

System: 5 driver, 3-1/2 way open baffle design
Dimensions: 46”H X 9-1/2” W X 12”D
Weight: 75 lbs. each
Frequency Range: 30 Hz to 30 kHz
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Impedance: 8 ohms
Finish: American real cherry wood or Gloss Black. Dynamic Isolation System Included. Base and Spikes Included.
Specifications subject to change without notice.


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