The Nola Concert Grand Reference Gold, our ultimate two tower loudspeaker system, has now been updated to series 2 status for improved performance. A major breakthrough in new crossovers has led to a stunning upgrade in performance. Its performance is only exceeded by the Nola 4-tower Grand Reference VI Gold system. The Concert Grandis an open-baffle short line source array design employing 12 exotic state-of-the-art transducers per tower. The system is configured in mirror-imaged pairs for life-like imaging.

Two 12-inch subwoofers, each in a separate ported chamber, cover the range from 18 Hz to 40 Hz. These drivers are fast as well as powerful and sound nothing like "typical subwoofers" but instead provide a "life-like" realistic musical foundation for the system.

Four magnesium cone bass drivers of only 4½-inch diameter and ultralight 7 gram moving mass cover the bass range from 40 Hz to 400 Hz, with only one-quarter the moving mass of typical woofers. These exotic woofers employ heavy Alnico ring magnets and solid copper gold phase plugs for much better articulation and transient attack for a natural sound throughout the bass range.

The four new exotic 4½-inch midrange drivers are operated in a short line source open dipole array. These new midrange transducers employ massive Alnico ring magnets and solid copper gold-plated phase plugs for outstanding dynamics and greatest possible clarity from 400 Hz to 1000 Hz.

The main tweeter is a unique 12-inch long true ribbon transducer covering the range above 1000 Hz. This driver has been improved with even lower distortion and better clarity.

High frequency dispersion above 10 kHz is improved by the addition of a 2-inch true ribbon super tweeter extending the response to 100 kHz.

The Nola Concert Grand Reference Gold 3 employs the unique 5-way UnisonTM crossover technology, implemented on six discrete wired separate boards and provides coherent blending of the 12 drivers. One pair of solid copper binding posts is provided. All wiring is Nordost silver mono-filament. The system is supplied with a dedicated ball bearing double platform isolation base to eliminate floor-borne coloration.

Dimensions: 71" H x 15" W x 22" D (overall including bases)
Weight: 275 lbs. net per side
Frequency Range: 18 Hz to 100 kHz
Sensitivity: 91 dB @ 2.82 volts
Impedance: 8 ohm / 4 ohm minimum
Grilles: Left side, right side, and rear
Finish: True Piano Rosewood with True Piano Black bases is standard. Piano Black and other finishes available by special order.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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