The concept for the IP-1 Isolation Platform was born out of the research that went into developing the Nola Pegasus loudspeaker. In order to greatly reduce the deleterious effects of low frequency cabinet vibrations on the low-level resolution of the system, the cabinet was split into two parts stacked vertically and a ball bearing system was developed to isolate the cabinets. The micro movement of the balls absorbs vibrations and prevents these vibrations from modulating the upper section.

In order to provide the cleanest performance, our top models utilize an external crossover. This eliminates the sonic coloration due to vibrations from the drivers on the sensitive crossover circuitry. Carl Marchisotto has used this technique since 1992 with the introduction of Phalanx. It was then found that speakers generated a great deal of floor-borne low frequency vibrations which would then couple back to the crossovers, and in a high-resolution system this also degraded the sound. In order to address this effect, the IP-1 was developed.

The IP-1 greatly reduces this effect and provides cleaner sound. It consists of two platforms that stack on top of each other and then are placed under the external crossover. The lower platform has inserts to accept the threaded spikes that come with the loudspeaker and these spikes contact the floor. One layer of ball bearings rides in a set of hardened steel tracks between the two platforms. Another set of ball bearings sits on top of the upper platform. The crossover box sits on top of the upper ball bearing set.

Improved soundstaging, better low level and high level dynamics and a greater purity of sound results from the use of the IP-1.

Dimensions: 9"W x 11½"D x 3¼" H (when sitting on the spikes)
Finish: Black Lacquer
Specifications subject to change without notice.


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