The Agony, Odyssey, Ecstasy, Meandering and Wandering at the CES and T.H.E. SHOW 2006
by Karl Lozier

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At the Accent Speaker Technology's large room, Carl Marchisotto and his family were beaming proudly. Carl has continued to tweak his penultimate system that has now become the Nola Pegasus Reference Loudspeaker. I do not know exactly what he has done, but as far as I could tell, there may be nothing more to do. Trying my best, I was unable to hear any faults, failings or additions. The sound quality was superb, simply superb and noticeably improved from the fine original model. It "speaks with one voice" and has the feeling or sensation of rock solid power, unlimited and unstrained power. Easily a contender for best sound quality at CES. I say this while realizing there were a number of rooms I was unable to visit during my shortened stay this year. This year he is offering a beautifully grained Light Oak wood as an option. I have just received a pair of his newly tweaked subwoofers, the T. Bolt III, with the same beautiful wood. Review should be done in a couple of months. I should mention that a rather unique quality of these subwoofers is excellent and fast response (when needed) to partner with loudspeakers needing a "quick response" subwoofer that is also excellent in the octave or two above the deep bass range--nuff said for now.