January 2006

FOLLOW-UP: Nola Mini Loudspeaker

Excerpts from Robert J. Reina's review of the Nola Mini: "Listening: With all of the recordings of acoustic music I sampled, and particularly with vocal recordings, the Nola Mini's midrange timbre sounded natural and detailed, with a great sense of body and ambience. Dynamic contrasts were limear, organic, and wide, from softest pianoissimos to bombastic blats. The higher resolution of the Mini's tweeter was readily apparent- the high frequencies were detailed, fast airy and extended, with tons of air and no trace of hardness."

"...On John Rutter's Requiem (CD, Reference RR57CD), my notes read: Bloooom! All organ pedals breathy and accounted for, sir."

"...The Alon Li'L Rascal's midrange was as nuetral as the Nola Mini's, but not as detailed."

"...The Epos M5's midrange was neutral, rich, very clean and articulate, and detailed, but the Nola was still more detailed."

"...The NHT SB3 also had a rich midrange that, while detailed, was still not as detailed as the Nola Mini's."

For the complete Mini review, see Stereophile Magazine, January 2006.