Hi End Show, Munich Germany 2014

Nola speakers Munich 2014 high end show

Nola Speakers have an active display Nola Baby Grand Reference Gold speakers. These are among most realistic sounding speakers, that I've heard so far at the show. Classical music's dynamics were most lifelike and the non forcing character brings something special that was not herd elsewhere on the show.

I don't recall hearing such a real lifelike atmosphere since SoulSonic Speakers and Accoustic Arts combination.

Driven by the Unison Research amplifiers and Chord digital front end this was really a remarkable experience.

Now I'm a big believer in giving credit where it's due and I think that Nola deserve a huge pat on the back for their efforts in this year's Munich High-End. Last year I moaned in my report that there was no music playing and the owner of the company was talking loudly on the phone to his Swiss (if I recall) distributor. This year Carl Marchisotto and his wife couldn't have been more welcoming and I have to say that the sound the Baby Grand Reference speakers (GBP 72,000) were making was really quite impressive -- open and airy with a nice tight bass. They're a speaker where the mid and tweeter are arranged in open baffle with the bass section being more conventional and they give you a really nice and balanced sound that has heaps of finesse and yet clout when needed. I was really impressed with the people's ability to listen to our comments from last year without taking a grudge, as well as the sound of their speakers. A massive pat on the back from me and Linette!!!

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