T.H.E. Show, Newport Beach, CA 2014

T.H.E Show 2014: Bringing it All Home
By Jason Victor Serinus · Posted: Jun 6, 2014

"More good sound awaited in the Nola room, where Nola's Metro Grand Reference Gold loudspeakers ($33,000/pair) mated with Audio Research electronics and maximally transparent Nordost Odin cabling to reveal the wonderful timbres the Fines captured on their Mercury Living Presence recording of Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet. I loved the openness of the sound, as well as the clarity. I've heard richer systems, but few have captured the dynamic shifts and subtle expressive turns of soprano Eileen Farrell's huge voice with such breathtaking accuracy and perfect control."

THE Show Newport 2014 · TABlog

"Nola's Metro Grand Reference Gold speakers ($33,000/pair) were set up in a standard upper-floor room, but on the long wall, which meant a closer listening seat. Used with an Audio Research Reference 10 preamp ($30,000), Reference 75 amp ($9000) and Reference CD8 CD player ($9995 when still available), along with a full system of Nordost Odin cables, the Nola speakers delivered wide-open space and natural tonality in abundance. It was easy to become lost in the sound here."